Zika Update 2


The first case of Zika Virus has been confirmed in Maricopa County as of today by The Maricopa County Department of Public Health. The woman had traveled to Zika affected area and returned home to Arizona where she started having symptoms. However, Public health officials believe that there is little chance of the virus spreading or becoming an epidemic here in Arizona.

This confirmation comes just four days after the CDC released new guidelines for the virus that include prevention measures such as the use of condoms and abstinence for those sexually active.

As of March 25th, in the United States there have been 273 confirmed cases of travel associated Zika infections, 19 of which are pregnant women. In the US territories, there have been 282 locally acquired Zika Infections, 4 travel associated case, and out of those 282, 34 are pregnant women.

If you or someone you know has traveled to a Zika affected area (list here), and are displaying Zika symptoms (here), please see your doctor, or contact your local public health agency.